“Relearn the forgotten language of the instincts” Carl Jung

“Interpretation of dreams enriches consciousness to such an extent that it relearns the forgotten language of the instincts”. Carl Jung: Man & His Symbols, page 52

It would be great if we would all hear that whisper that tells us what to do in a difficult situation, whom to tell our most inner secrets, who is our best friend, whom can we trust, what is our next step, what is our purpose here on the face of the Earth, and so on… We could prevent many disappointments and probably tragedies too in life.

So why does Jung say “forgotten language of the instincts”? What happened? How did we forget? And are there any other ways to relearn the language of the instincts?

Our instincts are coming from our right brain, which needs to be activated. Once it’s activated it needs to be connected to the left brain. We rely on our left brain too much, when we want to figure everything out by ourselves. Intuition means listening to your Higher Self, Universe, God, the Wind, Infinite Intelligence, Source…..pick a word, and getting the answers. To be able to do that, we need to trust that source. So a good question at this time would be: Do we trust? Do we have faith? People loose that trust, faith for all kind of reason. How do we restore FAITH?

There are two more steps to relearning the language of instincts: the left and the right brain need to be connected and communicating, and we need to be connected to the Source. Geotran, the language of all possibilities does this with ease, simplicity and fun. You can learn it yourself, or you can participate in sessions. Geotran will help you restore faith, restore choice, and help you relearn the language of instincts. The result is rapid personal transformation. Do not waste years of your life trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Ask for HELP.

The Role of Geotran When There are no Past Negative Experiences

I keep meeting people, who don’t have traumas, tragedies, divorces, accidents, addictions or any other drama in their families. I am so happy for them. I needed to train myself though, because after seeing and hearing all kinds of horror/tragic stories, my first reaction use to be: maybe they don’t feel comfortable talking about it, they are not ready yet, they are in denial, and so on and so forth.

I was wrong, of course. It is true. Some people grew up in loving, nurturing families/environment. So why did I still think that something was wrong? Because something was/is.

Just an example. My Dad use to walk to work 10-15 minutes beside the river in a park. He started at 6AM, was finished by 2PM. He was home by 2:20PM the latest. A fresh, home-cooked meal was waiting for him every day at home. My Mom was a homemaker, there were no loose ends. Laundry, cleaning, shopping, kids/homework done.

Today, we are more courageous, we need to be challenged, we go for our goals and dreams, we change careers, we migrate to another continent, we fall in love at (just an example) a business meeting in Hong-Kong, and we have a long distance relationship for years; I’m not even going to start with what does it take to run a whole family for full-time working parents. How much time, energy and patience is left?

Is it possible to find balance and harmony between the two previous extremes? It is. But we need to keep something in mind: Life is not that short. If we are running, we might skip a step, and we’ll need to go back to fix it.

Geotran, the language of all possibilities will develop a high intuition (we call it hearing) you’ll know what’s priority, what feels right, what is the next step, even what is the next question. Once you ask the right questions, you’ll get the right answers too. Geotran’s wonderful Positive Points will distress your life of any kind of aggravation, stress; the Mind Gems will help you to change your thoughts and emotions to positive in minutes; the Clearings will remove any stumbling blocks that might prevent you living a joyous, balanced and harmonious life. And these are just a few of the many tools that Geotran offers in sessions and workshops for you to be able to say yes to career, to say yes to family, and to know when.

How to Talk to Those Who are Hurting

I was just recently at a very nice presentation, and when I told them what is it that I do, a friend of mine raised a question: How do you approach somebody who has a problem? How do you convince them that they need help?

Well, I don’t think there is a recipe for this. Certainly a blunt approach would not work. When somebody is in it deep, it feels like the end of the World, that’s it, I’m never going to be happy, successful, rich, etc. again.

There are no rules, but there are some suggestions if I may. Be compassionate, and show that you truly care. If somebody who has issues is just annoying you, and you want the person out of your face, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Why would you care? I don’t think we can afford anymore not to. I think we can all agree, that the World in general is going to a wrong direction. Too much hatred, too much terror, too much rage. If we turn left and right, and just notice each other, with a little bit of empathy, we can find the right words to say without thinking about it too much. We can let the person know that he/she doesn’t have to go through anything alone. If he/she sends you to warmer climates (hell), it happened to me, hey, at least you tried, and you’re better for it.

A Permanent “Solution” to a Temporary Problem

A relatively young man committed suicide today due to depression. I didn’t know him, just overheard a conversation. He probably thought he had no choice, but at the end he made one. Losing hope is probably one of the worst feelings there is. The realization of no choice, failure, no possibilities or solutions is a mindset. I imagine that people who contemplate or commit suicide think that if they disappear, than the problem will too. We all know that’s not the case. The key to the problem might actually belong to the person who disappeared from life. The mess becomes bigger, when we choose to ignore it or disappear. Your life, the joy of your life belongs to more than just you. I’m sure there are thousands out there who would like to shout at me, and argue about this. But if we feel each others’ pain, and we do, than all those who want to give up today resolving their temporary problem could be considered selfish. Why? Because it would’ve been a great joy to someone helping shake off the dust and move on.

I also know for a fact, because I personally started going in the wrong direction a few times in my life, that depression does not happen overnight. And I’m going to say this the simplest way possible: If you don’t feel right, than something is wrong. It is a gradual process, and every minute gives several choices. Make the right one NOW. You can ask for help or you can ask for help. (I didn’t make a mistake here). Silence like a cancer grows. https://youtu.be/4fWyzwo1xg0.

I remember Dorothy Espiau, the author of Geotran, telling us: “When you make a mistake, or have a problem, find the solution for it (with or without help), and teach it.” With this, she asked us to share the experience, so others can avoid the problem or find a solution easier to their troubles.

Geotran, the Language of All Possibilities can and will find a solution when YOU are WILLING.

Fear of Love

Love, love, love…so important in our lives. That elevated feeling, hmmm. Despite of the desire for it to happen, when it does, a lot of people do just about anything to sabotage it. Why is that? What is that fear of love, that costs great relationships, marriages, and sometimes even friendships to fail.

I don’t think we are born that way. Everybody has a built in desire/ability to love, but we get hurt here and there. Some deal with those hurts right away, and some push it way down, try to forget about them. The worst thing is when people decide they don’t want to feel ever again. Sometimes consciously, sometimes not. And than comes love like a hurricane anyway, without asking for permission to show up, and they start feeling again. You can’t choose to feel this and not feel that, so you feel the pain of old hurts as well. Those old wounds are surfacing, and some people recognize this as a chance to do something about them (I congratulate them), and others keep their promise to themselves to continue not feeling.

I don’t think I need to explain here what is the result of each decision. But I want to: in the first scenario old hurts got resolved, and the love got preserved, nobody got hurt any further, a real chance for happiness; in the second, old hurts that surfaced keep wounds wide open, unresolved, relationships ruined, more people hurt, and the love gone.

Both scenario requires decision making, a will, a big amount of energy, persistence, but the first decision is fueled with courage, the second with fear. What will you do when LOVE knocks on your door next time?


January 7th, The Gems of Excellence

Nanuet, January 7th, 11AM

The Gems of Excellence Brain/Mind Course in Successful living has been designed for you to experience the language of Geotran, a digital, numeric, geometric language which speaks directly to the information fields or memory fields that hold the record, past and present, of who you are and what your potential is. The author is Dorothy Wood Espiau from Sedona, Arizona.

Your brain knows your limitations and will set them for you with accuracy. We can show that the person who has financial problems is experiencing this cycle, for the brain knows exactly how much income you will make per year and also whether you will be in a successful loving relationship. The brain merely “listens” to the fields and duplicates the in-form-ation in your life.

The language of Geotran will allow you to correct the “glitches” in your own life program. It is the language in which your blueprint is written. These tools will allow you to change the violations of choice that are programmed into the morphogenetic field. You can send the brain correct information for winning, happiness, prosperity, health, and everything you have ever dreamed you could be.

In this introduction part you will learn/experience the following:

Subconscious Clearing – used to clear self-sabotage tapes causing actions contrary to desire, and allowing you to be successful in what you do.

Clearing “Loc” – allows you to access/open pathways to the programs in your “bio-computer” that require information.

Positive Points – are the most powerful gems in the Gems of Excellence Program. They allow you to de-stress quickly and easily by removing past and present cellular memory of trauma, accident and loss, and prevent future trauma and accidents. The body is like a magnet, and when these experiences are in cellular memory, the body attracts the same experiences: Like attracts like.

Mind Gems – These quick, simple techniques re-circuit the electrical system of the body. Your body operates through vibration and electrical impulses. You must be “switched on” and balanced to be at your best. The Mind Gems are one of the tools for you to maintain that balance.  I will demonstrate a Miracle Integration through which you will experience all of the above.

When: January 7th 11AM – 1PM ; Cost: $35.00 for manual, repeaters free

Where: CILK119, at 119 Main St. 2nd fl., Nanuet, NY; pls. RSVP to reserve your seat

To register: call/txt Marija Santo-Sarnyai at (201) 388-4661 or e-mail at fourflamingo@yahoo.com

Honoring Dorothy’s Copyright

About teaching Geotran; please share.

The author of Geotran is Dorothy Wood Espiau.

We have been trained by her how to teach the program: which is by hearing/intuition and in the moment. Previously prepared outlines with a specific order do not work for the above reason.

Geotran is a hands-on program, which is best understood if demonstrated. Pre-test, re-education, post-test. Will explain during class. Amazing stuff.

Gestures, facial expressions, the energy of the students is crucial when teaching this work. A Geotran teacher observes these signs, and responds accordingly in the moment.

Since this work is Dorothy’s copyright, we need to RESPECT and HONOR her authority over this wonderful work that saves people’s lives rapidly and fundamentally.

My next Introduction of the Gems of Excellence program, which is the fundamental course of Geotran is:

DECEMBER 10th, Saturday 11AM-1PM @CILK119 119 Main St., Nanuet, NY; Please RSVP ASAP @ 201 388-4661 or fourflamingo@yahoo.com


Surrounded by Idiots (it isn’t as bad as it sounds)

How many times we hear someone say: I’m surrounded by idiots. First of all what does that mean? I think it means, that you don’t feel understood by the people around you anymore. It also means that you think everybody else is an idiot but you. Well, who did that? How did that happen? Were those people handpicked, and put in your life by mistake, just to annoy you? No that’s not what happened. When you think about it, who is the common denominator? It’s You. Am I calling you an idiot? No, that’s not what I’m trying to do here. When you feel surrounded by idiots, there are two possible scenarios: 1. You need to change, and attract different people into your life, or 2. You have already changed and forgot to change your surroundings. You can’t put new wine into old wine skin. I’m sure you tried. And what happened? The old wine skin ruptured.

We need to keep growing every day, and those who are not willing, you can’t keep dragging with you. So you have a choice to make. It isn’t an easy one, but a necessary one.

It’s scary to leave, to change, not knowing what will happen next, what will the “new” mean. When you say: “I’m surrounded by idiots”, you let the “old” stay too long, and it irritates the hell out of you. Ask for courage and boldness to allow yourself your new you. To make you feel better, I’m preaching to myself too.

How to combat fear?

light-at-the-endWhat is it that we are afraid of? Fear can be of eminent life danger, something real; or it could be imagined. If fear is real, we kind of know what to do, or ask for help; but if it’s not, it can be paralyzing. Real or not, fear is sabotaging our actions to move forward. Fear can and will keep you in mediocrity.

People with a healthy soul (thoughts, emotions, will) are able to overcome it by doing the very thing they are afraid of.